Nusa dua is one of tourist zone which in various field in bali .In the area of integrated tourism the recent times there were some hotel mewahyang has gone after the a tourist who is berdompet thick , in this place there are convention center , a beautiful garden , a golf course , supermarkets hospitals charge for their services , and of course the coast of who captivates , it is just that for you or desires gain exsklusif made specifically for guests at a hotel .

Broad tourist zone nusa dua around 350 acres, and used to be a residential compound, that is why with land conditions like that, while in the other hand the beach charming, then a consultant from francis who butchered by the bali tourism development corporation ( btdc ) in the 1970-an choose nusa dua to have been developed as a tourist zone which international standard.

The white sandy in front of the hotel , broad and charming , to ease tourists going in the midst of the deliberately in wake up the special as trotoar.pemandangan is completed next to the arrival of the king salman traveled to bali , the king of salman to boost tourism in bali .

Nusa dua is an interesting place to visit, because nusa dua is a place in bali prestigious

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The she bali beach in private country club to nusa dua bergengsi the 1,5 km is could tempunh on foot.