Jimbaran famous for a restaurant or more familiar in the name of a cafe who offers seafood in processed, various as grilled fish, cephalopods, shells baked, lobsters and prawns.

Seafood served with rice, vegetable plecing, sambal is complete with young coconut ice. The free end determines how much fish it wants. Usually before processing is calculated per gram of each type of seafood desired, the price of food on Bali’s Jimbaran beach varies, depending on the seafood menu in the Select. In addition to each café by the beach offers food prices at Jimbaran beach vary.

For those of you who want to enjoy grilled seafood dishes Jimbaran is perfect for your tourist destination.

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The distance traveled from Bali Beach Golf resort to grilled seafood dish Jimbaran Beach is 26.6 km with a travel time of approximately 41 minutes, if through the road by Pass Ngurah Rai, another alternative road is through a setsetan highway with a distance of 24.4 Kmwith a travel time of 51 minutes.