Lovina beach which has black sand and the location is still very natural. In the coastal area there are many traditional fishing boats lined up. But the main attraction of Lovina Beach is not on its shores, but on the dolphin-watching activities in the middle of the sea.

The tourist area of Lovina is very famous with the show of dolphins – wild dolphins in the middle of the sea. There are hundreds of dolphins on the beach. To be able to see the dolphins in action, you must go to the middle of the sea before sunrise. Dolphins will emerge in the middle of the sea between 6 hours to 8 a.m.

Travelling to the middle of the sea is well-liked by tourists. Lovina’s relatively tranquil sea water, so it can be comfortably traversed by The tourists can find dolphins about 1 km from the beach lips. Some are skipping to the surface, and some are just swimming. Very interesting Black Sea beast action on this one. Visitors can rent a traditional fisherman’s boat specially reserved for dolphin-watching in the middle of the sea while heading to the middle of the Sea to watch the show Dolphins, you can also see the beautiful and natural sea waters of Lovina.

The duration of dolphin viewing in Lovina is about 2 hours, fishermen will escort you to the middle of the sea by a traditional boat, to the dolphins often popping up, in addition to watching Dolphin Show, in Lovina Beach is also available Diving activities. Marine Bioata in Lovina its kind of variegated and not inferior to other dive sites in Bali. For you who like to stay with natural atmosphere can visit Lovina Beach

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Distance traveled from Bali Beach Golf Resort to Lovina is 85.7 km if through Raya Denpasar with travel time approximately 2 hours 38 minutes.