Uluwatu very much has a very beautiful beaches one of which is the nyang-nyang beach, the beach is included in the list of the best beaches of the world.

VERRI CNN international travel, the nyang-nyang beach became a compulsory destination to visit, while visiting this beach, the sandy beaches of yellow packaging with high cliffs full of plants, on the one hand there are other ocean blue with the waves are ideal for surfing..

Green pastures into a cool and natural carpet into spot to relax and enjoy the sunset, the landscape is also very beautiful, and interesting to visit.

If you want to menginjakan away at the beach, you have to down the hundreds of stairs with exstrim slopes, but arriving under guaranteed will not regret. Uluwatu tour many activities that can be done here than just the Sun, start looking for coral to camping.

If you love camping, the beach is very suitable for you because of the picturesque scenery.

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The distance traveled from Bali Beach Golf Course to Nyang Nyang-Uluwatu beach is 31.4 km with a journey time of 1 hour 3 minutes by crossing the road by pass ngurah rai