One day, It is said that the Desa Adat Legian was originally called “Karang Kemanisan”. It is known from the words of the Sadeg Patih when a certain ceremony was held at the temple in the Customary Village of Legian. The sadeg’s words never mentioned the word “Damuh Legian” but “Damuh Karang Kemanisan”. Karang Kemanisan has a philosophy that grandchildren or anyone who lives always keeps the beauty of nature and the environment so that it can be overflowing with prosperity both physically and mentally.

According to the story of the penglingsir (village elders) no one knows for sure whenever “Karang Kemanisan” changes to “Legian”. The word “Legian” from Old Javanese is “Legi” which means sweet. Legian Traditional Village is one of the ancient villages, It is alleged that this was claimed by the discovery of Puseh Pura Adat Legian Village which reflects the statue in Puncak Writing Temple, Kebo Edan Temple in the Gianyar area.

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The distance traveled from Bali Beach Golf Course Sanur to Legian is 16.3 if it goes through Jl. By Ngurah Rai Pass with a travel time of approximately 35 minutes. Another alternative is via Jl. Teuku Umar with a distance of 13.5 km with a travel time of approximately 36 minutes or via Jl. Imam Bonjol and Jl. Hayam Wuruk with a distance of 14.7 km with a travel time of approximately 43 minutes.