Monday, December 28, 2009
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Holiday and Golf sport is a good combination

Our Bali Golf Course Motto!
Works are for people who don’t play golf.
Play golf is for people who don’t go to work. Are you free this weekend or at the end of this year? If yes, you invited to play golf in Bali by visiting There are many beautiful and challenging golf courses in Bali.

You can play in Bali Golf and Country Club, New Kuta Golf, and Bali Beach Golf. All of them are located in the south of Bali. If you want to play in high place, just go to Bedugul, you will play in Bali Handara Kosaido and Country Club, the world champion type golf course, located between three beautiful lakes, Buyan, Tamblingan and Beratan. The climate in Bedugul is cold and calm weather. If you a sunset lovers, go to a golf course near Pura Tanah Lot, located in Tabanan, so you can enjoy a beautiful a romantic sunset from the green at Bali Nirwana Golf Club.

Play golf in Bali is not just an ordinary sport because you will enjoy beautiful view such as beach, hill, a unique Balinese terraced rice field, lakes and nice weather. Most of the Bali golf courses are located in hotel or resort area. So, you don’t have to worry about your lunch, dinner or breakfast. They have well trained caddy. You can enjoy 18 holes with international standard golf courses.

Bring your family and friends to Bali, and ask them to play with you. All of you will earn a very unique prize: happy and healthy, all together. Most importantly is do your booking and reservation in advance at

See you in Bali!

Swing vacation in Bali

Golf in Bali ? If you think of things that people like to do on their Bali holidays, golf isn't likely to be the first thing that comes to mind! But, while it isn't as famous as countries such as Europe or US as a best destination for 'short sleeved golf', golfers keen to practice their swing whilst in Bali will have plenty of opportunities to do so. The country is an up and coming golfing destination and a visit there will give you a chance to enjoy the many fine courses well ahead of the group of golfers who are likely to increase in the next few years.
With an increasing number of Bali holidays focusing on golf, many travel companies offer specialist golf vacation that let you sample the best courses at a discount as part of your trip. Listed below are a few of the top golf courses you must play on and some of the luxury hotels and resorts in Bali that will provide a perfect base for your trip.

Where is the best Bali Golf Course?
Golfers on Bali holidays have several championship quality courses to choose from. The has been voted as one of the golf online reservation for Golf vacation in Bali and other golf tournament. The course begins in amidst lakes and coconut trees, concluding with several holes on the Beachside itself. The mixture of tropical vegetation, hilly landscapes and stunning views of the Indian Ocean make it a joy to play on. Come and visit for spotting your desire golf course.

Four Tricky Moves

Here is a drill that will instantly tell you whether you need to learn the Four Tricky Moves to Winning Golf.

If you swing the club too far to the inside during your backswing this drill will inform you. Most amateurs pull the club to the inside during the backswing putting the swing immediately off plane. The result is a golf swing that is too planed.

The Back to Wall Drill:

This drill will tell you if you have overly plane swing. First and principal, check your ball point and your distance to the ball at address, as this sign is the most common cause of a pole. Remember! ; try to work on fitting your basics first before using drills to fix your problems. Most swing faults start with poor fundamentals.

Now find a wall that you can set up too. Have your butt approximately six inches away from the wall. To take a full swing with the wall in the way your path will need to become more upright. Take gradual swings to start, and act on getting to the top and back to the ball without hitting the wall. It should feel different, but all new movements do. Work on swinging gradually until you can make a full swing without making contact with the wall. Master this drill until you can do it every time without hitting the wall.

The early backward wrist break teaches you something pros never do - How to break the wrists during the back swing!

Play well.

2009 Bali Classic Oil Industry invitation Golf Tournament

Bali's largest golf tournament is with us again, the 2009 Bali Classic Oil Industry invitation Golf Tournament, to be held from Thursday, October 22 - Saturday, October 24 2009.

This international invitation tournament draws some 220 + participants from the world wide "Oil patch", each year and we trust you will understand, the golf courese at Bali Golf n Country Club will therefore be closed for outside play during the three days of the tournament.

We will reopen for regular play from Sunday, October 25 2009 at 6.30 a.m. and we look forward to welcoming you to bali golf & country club. "Where Every Day is a Great Golf Day".

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Tips From Derek Nannen, PGA

Camilo Villegas
Camilo’s aggressive swing has proven itself to be a winning one, as he already has notched 2 wins in 3+ years on the PGA Tour.


At only 160 pounds, Camilo Villegas averages a whopping 291 yards off the tee, making him among the top 40 for drivers on Tour. He’s often depicted as a muscular player, but in reality he’s a small-framed guy with great definition. Now, are his muscles his power source? Nope. Villegas understands width and how it builds power. His strong muscles are a bonus.

Grab a 2x4 and push it toward your target as far as you can while turning your body to the left and extending your arms. This will help you add a ton of width to your swing.

Check out how far he keeps his hands from his body in each photo. From a physics standpoint, by adding width, he’s increasing his arc, which leads to a faster clubhead speed. Combine that with how nicely he winds his upper body and still allows his lower body to be stable, and you have a recipe for a smashing drive. He’s wide, flexible and in perfect balance. If you can copy that, you’ll be huge!
—Jeff Ritter, PGA

J.B. Holmes
Known for his huge distance, Holmes is also a powerful iron player, thanks to a solid forward lean and tremendous lag. See if you can copy this position here.

Anthony Kim
Forward lean doesn’t mean rigid lean. Notice how Kim has some bend in his back (Holmes has some, too). It’s better to have some bend than to be too stiff.


Two of the best players still in their 20s on the PGA Tour, J.B. Holmes and Anthony Kim understand completely what it means to maintain a forward-tilting spine angle through impact. Also, notice the separating of the hands from the body. By maintaining the forward upper-body lean, the arms/hands have more room to store lag and eventually release over the golf ball. If these angles are lost, it’s because the spine is upright, which if it happens, will translate into poor consistency and lousy ground contact.

The last thing you can learn here is their head positions. They’re facing the ball! Don’t feel like you need to keep your head down or lift it too far up. Keep it facing the ball, and you’ll rotate more effectively.
—Derek Nannen, PGA

Tips From The Tour 2009

They may not know it, but several of the best golfers in the world are actually darn good instructors. They may not articulate their moves verbally, but in watching them play, there’s a lot that we as wannabe-Tour pros can learn and pick up from their amazing abilities.

We chose a few Tour professionals to spotlight (you can learn something from literally everyone on the PGA Tour), and with the help of some of our popular instructors, we put together a few simple, easy-to-digest elements of their swings that you should incorporate into your golf game. And while no two players swing exactly the same (yes, even Adam Scott and Tiger Woods have differences), one thing holds true: Every one of these featured Tour pros can teach you something about becoming a better player. With the help of Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, as our model, get ready to turn your swing into one that’s Tour-worthy. Read on!

Take a look at Boo Weekley and Vijay Singh at impact. I can’t help but admire how well both pros compress the ball against the clubface and then hit the ground with their iron shots. They’re rock-solid at impact and stacked over their left side.

Boo Weekley
Boo isn’t just known for his down-home personality, but
also an amazing ballstriking ability. No wonder he’s averaging 3.71 birdies a round.

Vijay Singh
Already considered one of the “best to ever play,” Vijay also seems to never age. His languid swing has helped him play on the PGA Tour and stay competitive.

In this simulated impact position, most of my weight is on my left leg, and my left arm and shaft are stacked over my left side. Try this in a mirror to get it right.

Both players have their spine tilting away from the target. Use a club like this to check your spine tilt. Your left shoulder should be a little higher up.

Another key component to a solid impact position is the positioning of the body. Check out the spine, and note how it tilts away from the target. That helps them stay behind the ball. At the same time, at least 75 percent of their weight hovers over their left leg. This weight shift is vital in order to release the golf club at impact effectively.

Finally, look at the back of the left hand on both players. The glove logo is facing the target. This ensures a square clubface and a straight shot.
—John Stahlschmidt, PGA

Le Meridien Nirwana Promo




WEEKDAY Rp. 700.000 net per person
WEEKEND Rp. 850.000 net per person

Inclusions :
A Round of golf (18 Hole), cart + cadde fee
10% Goverment tax
valid for afternoon tee time only
complimentary fasting break at golfer's terrace
valid from 24 august - 20 september 2009
applicable for bali resident only
id card (KTP) should be presented upon registration at the pro shop

Other terms and conditions apply. Advance reservation is required and confirmation will be subject to space availability

for future information or to make a reservation please contact us


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Book within this September period and we offer a great value for your booking!
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