Uluwatu is an amazing tourist destination, besides having tourist attractions in the form of a Hindu temple, the lofty Uluwatu temple located on a cliff with sunset views. Uluwatu also offers a white sand beach attraction with a distance of 3 kilometers from Uluwatu Temple.

Suluban Uluwatu Bali beach, is one of the unique beaches in Bali. The uniqueness of Uluwatu beach is found on the beach location which is hidden because it is covered by high coral cliffs. Besides that, the unique Uluwatu beach is in access to the beach area.

 Every visitor who wants to visit the Uluwatu beach suluban must go down the neighboring child, or visitors can also pass through the gates of a natural rock that towers and looks like a cave.

The suluban beach is bluffs and deep ravines and the beach with a wave , so suluban beach suitable for tourists who are having a hobby hang out at the beach or pastime surf . If you a holiday to the beach suluban uluwatu you will see many travelers who performs surf.

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The distance traveled from Handara Golf Courses to Suluban Uluwatu Beach is 84.2 km with a time of 2 hours 47 minutes, an alternative road that is a road by by pass with a distance of 93.5 km with a time of 2 hours 45 minutes.