Nusa dua besides known a luxury tourist place, Nusa Dua also often holds food festivals in the Senggol market, in Senggol market it provides more than 10 tenants who use fish, squid,  octopus, shrimos, shellfish, and lobster as the main menu or culinary ingredients that are served

Some of the culinary present include lobster, siomay, and batagor salmon, various seafood sprouts, squid world, squidmore, roku grilled, shansisquid and various other culinary items. Culinary areas will be filled with ten tenant food, food trucks including koffiee 82, bologna kebabs, cuanki meatballs, and other menus.

Meanwhile, 31 tenat grobakan will come with delicious menus like reborn egg spring rolls, toast and steamed bread from kurobar, cincau nyonyah, quail nikita egg satay, lahang sangkuriang and many more.

For other menus, visitors can search in 48 tenant booths including phuket thai street, Bi-Tey, cheese king, eat eat and fresh drinks such as rainbow dash, ice cream shell and cemilar magic snack. Senggol 2019 market brings the concept of a modern culinary festival while still presenting the festive night market.

For those of you who like your culinary experience as often as they come to the food festival Senggol Nusa Dua Bali.

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The distance traveled from the Bukit Pandawa Golf Club Bali to the Bali Food Festival in Bali, which ranges from 10.1 km with a travel time of approximately 25 minutes, the other alternative route is by pass path which is 13.7 km with approximately travel time approximately 31 minutes.